How is my iTrustCapital account secured? How is my iTrustCapital account secured?

How is my iTrustCapital account secured?

Joey Farbstein Joey Farbstein

Securing your account is our top priority. Therefore, besides storing all your crypto assets in cold storage through leading custody providers Coinbase Custody and Fireblocks, we implement key measures to protect your accounts. 

Firstly, by storing all crypto assets in cold storage, offline and offsite, we ensure that even in the worst-case scenario and someone gaining access to your account, your funds are not accessible for theft. That being said, we have still implemented security measures to authenticate and secure the access points to your account and funds. 

2-Factor Authentication

The first main security measure that we provide is 2-Factor Authentication. 2FA enables a second layer of authentication for logging into your account. This means that even if someone stole your login information (through a phishing attack or ou not personally using best security practices) they would still need access to another one of your devices in order to authenticate the login. The best thing you can do to protect your login credentials is to implement best security practices overall . 

Best Practices

Phishing attacks are one of the most common ways that login credential (for any platform) are stolen. This often happens through an email that is pretending to be a trusted company. The email then prompt you to click a link to a login page. However, the form you are filling out is not to the site you think it is, but clone of the site you trust - designed to capture your information as you enter it. While there are other sneaky methods that attackers use, this is the most common way. The best practice is to be careful and aware when logging into any website to ensure it is trusted. 

Another best practice is to implement a password management system. Instead of using the same password for multiple sites or using over simplified passwords, a password manager will both generate a unique and complex password, and store the password for you (so you don't have to rely on memory). Complex and unique passwords help improve security by eliminating any easy-to-guess passwords. 

While storing your passwords inside a single management software may seem like you are increasing the risk of having all your passwords compromised, it actually provides the ideal solution for password management. Without a password manager, most people will write their passwords somewhere far less secure that a software specifically created for that purpose - which has built in safety measures to secure your account. 

Video Conference Calls 

As an added layer of security, we require video calls to both onboard and offboard clients accounts. We have implement an added layer of security by requiring a video call, to confirm the identity of a client, when moving large amounts of money off-platform. This is just one more way we can implement fail-safes to your account. 

Customer Service

Lastly, our goal is to provide an unparrelled customer experience. Therefore, we have built a strong and passionate customer support team that is available to answer any questions or concerns regarding security measures. 

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