How Do I Get Started? How Do I Get Started?

How Do I Get Started?

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Please follow the steps in this article to get started:

1. From our homepage,, you will click “Create Account”

2. Fill in the information indicated and again click "Create Account"

3. You will receive an email that you will need to open and click through to confirm your email address

4. You will find the “Start Your Application” button at the top of your screen

5. Start filling in the data wizard with your personal information

6. Choose the Type of IRA you want to open and how you will fund it

7. Enter your beneficiaries, this is who would inherit your IRA upon your passing - you must have at least one primary beneficiary, click "Save Beneficiary" when done 

8. Your application is now submitted and your initial funding event has been created

Note: If you are doing more than one funding event or want to add funds in the future, click “Contribute”

Keep an eye on your inbox for emails from our processing team with any questions while we review your application.

Once accepted, we will send you an email to DocuSign your application.

Please also feel free to check out our introductory explainer How-To Videos.