How can I transfer out to another IRA provider? How can I transfer out to another IRA provider?

How can I transfer out to another IRA provider?

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In order for us to transfer your funds to another qualified retirement account:

1. Fax/Email:

Fax: (702) 946-0225 / (855) 496-8303

Email: & CC

  1. You must contact your new custodian to email/fax us a signed transfer form and funding instructions. Your new custodian will provide the transfer form.
    1. It must be signed by both you and the new custodian.
  2. Fax copies are the preferred and most time-efficient method for us to accept and complete transfer requests.
    1. We can accept fax requests for Cash Transfers ONLY 
  3. For in-kind transfers, an emailed original PDF will be required.
    1. Please list the type and quantity of the coin being transferred and any remaining cash on the account for complete transfers to avoid delays. 

Please Note: If you funded your account with an ACH cash contribution, those funds would have to remain within your IRA for 90 days once the funds have been released to the platform.

*The transfer request must be made out to Fortress Trust LLC NOT iTrustCapital.*

2. Mailing address:

Fortress Trust

Attn. Seth Bergida

10801 W Charleston Blvd. Suite 440

Las Vegas, NV 89135

*Please note that wet signature transfer forms are accepted at this address, but will have longer processing times.*

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