How do I complete my Transfer Form? How do I complete my Transfer Form?

How do I complete my Transfer Form?

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The IRA Transfer Form is an essential part of completing the process of moving your funds from your current custodian to iTrustCapital.

Below are the steps for completing your transfer:

1. After completing your profile and opting to transfer, you will receive an email from us with instructions to log in to your iTrustCapital Documents Portal to download your IRA Transfer Form. You’ll notice that your name, and other personal information is pre-filled on the form.

2.  Enter your current custodian information. Please make sure to contact your current custodian to help complete this section. Enter only one method of submission. A fax is usually a custodian's preferred method of submission. Also, please make sure to include your current account number.

3. Onto the last section, Transfer Instructions. Here, you’ll mark whether you are moving 100% or a specified dollar amount from your current IRA to your new iTrustCapital IRA. You will only select to transfer the assets in-kind if you are transferring crypto from another crypto IRA provider. 

4. Then you’ll date, sign, and return your completed Transfer Form to the iTrustCapital Team by uploading it to the "My Documents" section of your dashboard.