Can I rollover my TSP to iTrustCapital? A Step-By-Step! Can I rollover my TSP to iTrustCapital? A Step-By-Step!

Can I rollover my TSP to iTrustCapital? A Step-By-Step!

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The following steps will guide you through initiating a Thrift Savings Plan Rollover:

1. Complete Application for TSP Rollover. Please click here to get started.

2. Review and complete the IRA Adoption Agreement uploaded to your dashboard under "My Documents."

3. We will send rollover instructions once your account has been established.

4. You will then contact your TSP administrator to initiate the rollover. Your administrator will provide you with paperwork that you can typically download from the online TSP portal.

5. The account holder must complete their own section of the TSP paperwork and have it notarized. There is another page (in some cases, two pages) that must be completed by iTrust Custodial Services. To have this section completed by us, if this is your initial funding, please submit a request under "Account Onboarding" and "Rollover," with your paperwork attached. If you are submitting a TSP rollover for additional funds, please submit a request under "Account Funding" and "Rollover" with your paperwork attached.


6. We will send the final complete version of your TSP paperwork to your custodian via fax or directly to you if your section must still be completed. You can then submit the paperwork yourself to your TSP via mail, fax, or uploading from your TSP portal.

7. From there, TSP will issue a check and mail it to iTrust Custodial Services. We will let you know when the funds are available to trade.
*Please note, there is a 3 business day holding period on all checks.
**Note about TSPs - Most TSP plans will not permit a rollover if you are currently active in the plan.

To be eligible to rollover a TSP, either of two conditions usually needs to be met first:
1. No longer working in the position associated with your TSP
2. Are over the age of 59.5


** Disclaimer - Please note this article is for informational purposes only. Please direct any suitability questions to your tax or financial professional.