What is a Pending Inflow? (+FAQs) What is a Pending Inflow? (+FAQs)

What is a Pending Inflow? (+FAQs)

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Under the USD section of your dashboard, you will see a section that says "Pending". The "pending inflow" is just an estimate of the amount being transferred - after the account is settled and assets are sold or removed. 

For example, if Alice has a pending inflow for a $50k IRA transfer, but the final amount ends up being more or less, there is no need for Alice to worry, as this $50k is merely an estimate of her transfer.


Is there anything I need to do to move my inflow along?

Having a pending inflow on your dashboard doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything for you to do, but please make sure to consider the following:

  • For an IRA Transfer - have you submitted the Transfer Form and checklist to our transfer team? 
  • For a 401(k) Rollover - have you been able to initiate with your current custodian using the instructions we emailed? Has the custodian issued a check for your rollover? If the answer to these questions is no, please follow up with your custodian.